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rhapsody a musical adventure

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure


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Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure
Rhapsody Box Art.jpg
Developer(s) Nippon Ichi Software[1]
Publisher(s) PlayStation

Nintendo DS

Designer(s) Koichi Kitazurri (game director)
John Yamamoto (game producer)
Composer(s) Tenpei Sato
Platform(s) PlayStation, PlayStation Network, Nintendo DS
Release date(s) PlayStation

  • JP December 17, 1998
  • NA July 30, 2000

PlayStation Network

  • JP December 21, 2006

Nintendo DS

  • JP August 6, 2008
  • NA September 23, 2008
  • PAL March 26, 2009
Genre(s) Tactical role-playing game/console role-playing game
Mode(s) Single-player
Media/distribution 1 CD-ROM (PS)
Nintendo DS game card (DS)

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, released in Japan as The Puppet Princess of Marl Kingdom​ (マール王国の人形姫, Māru-ōkoku no Ningyō-hime?) is a console role-playing game for the PlayStation from Atlus USA and Nippon Ichi Software, the creators of Disgaea, and is part of the Marl Kingdom series.[2]

It was released three times in Japan — once in 1998, then again as The Adventure of Puppet Princess + 1 in 1999, and then again as The Adventure of Puppet Princess (PSOne Books) in 2001,[2] and was released a fourth time for the Nintendo DS on June 6, 2008. The game was released in the USA, in 2000 and in 2008 and is the only game in the main series to be released outside Japan.

Rhapsody, along with its sequels, are considered musical RPGs,[3] meaning in place of FMV cutscenes, there are musical numbers, complete with vocals. The game is also known for its “overwhelming cuteness”[2] and low level of difficulty.[3] Although this may make the game seem geared towards a younger audience, in Japan, the game and series in general has seen much success.[2] In North America, the game has seen much less success, perceived as a girl-only game.[2]



[edit] Gameplay

When starting a new game, the player can select a game difficulty (easy, normal, or hard), which affects how long it will take to finish the game. The player selects different places on the world map and encounters random encounter battles, such as in the Dragon Quest series. Unlike most RPGs, the player can save at any time, except during battle.[4]

An oft-mentioned point of appreciation is its relatively unique plot premise and flow. Rhapsody is a theatrical musical in regard to its presentation style, containing frequent cut scenes that are sung, rather than simply spoken and acted. Players are given the option of listening to the lyrics and voice-overs in Japanese, English, or muting them entirely.[4] Hidden throughout the game are high-quality illustrations of characters, which can be viewed any time through the item menu.[2]

[edit] Battles

The battles are fought in a tactical role-playing game fashion. However, unlike other games in this genre, the battles tend to last less than a minute, with the exception of boss battles, and require little tactics. This makes the game stand out in its genre and may have also led to its limited mainstream success with more hardcore players of the genre.[2]

Battle scene

Cornet is the main character, but mainly offers support in battle-puppets that are found throughout the game do most of the fighting for her. Kururu never actually fights in any battles in the original, though she does in the remake for the DS. Each character learns different skills as they level up, except Cornet (in the original only), who has attacks called Rewards. Cornet can blow her horn during battle to power up the puppets and gain appreciation points, which allow her to unleash these devastating techniques. Most Rewards are represented by foods, such as flan, cake, and candy.

Like in most tactical RPGs, each character has a certain move number and can attack at a certain distance. Most party members can only attack at close range, unless he or she has a long-range skill. Each character can also equip three accessories and use items. The game features some normal status problems (sleep, paralysis, etc.) like in most console RPGs, but has some original ones too, such as frog and philanthropy. Each enemy also has an element (thunder, wind, earth, fire, water, dark, holy) and a weakness to the opposite element.[5] Each element has its own set of spells, which can be used to take advantage of such weaknesses.

Unlike in most tactical RPGs, instead of gaining experience points each turn, all the characters get the same amount of points at the end of battle. After earning enough experience points, the character will level up and become stronger and possibly learn a spell.[5] There are also skill points, gained when a character strikes the finishing blow. The more of these points a character has, the higher his or her critical rate becomes.[5] Inotium, the in-game money, is also won after every battle. Occasionally monsters will join Cornet after they are defeated. These monsters can then be used in battle, like puppets, and can use special monster abilities.

[edit] Story

The game centers around the adventures of Cornet, a girl who can talk to puppets and has a magical horn that grants wishes, and Kururu, a puppet that has the heart and soul of a human. The majority of the game is about Cornet and Kururu trying to save Prince Ferdinand (whom Cornet is in love with) after he has been turned to stone by the self-proclaimed “most beautiful witch in the world.”[2] The witch, Marjoly, also has a crush on the prince and had meant to put him to sleep, but messed up the spell and accidentally turned him to stone.

[edit] Characters

Kururu getting upset

  • Cornet Espoir: Cornet is the cheerful heroine of the game. She can sing, play the horn, and even talk to puppets; which most people cannot do. Cornet longs for a passionate relationship and despises toads. She longs for a prince to sweep her off of her feet.[6]
  • Kururu: She is a puppet and Cornet’s best friend. She follows Cornet throughout the game, often making humorous comments on her behavior. She likes cherries, and dislikes anything sour. Unlike other puppets, Kururu can move around on her own without the powers of Cornet’s horn, and she can talk to other humans besides Cornet. She hides a deep secret, but for the better. Her weapon of choice is a paper fan (she is only playable in the DS version).[7]
  • Cherie: Cherie is Cornet’s mother, whom is said to have been killed in an accident many years prior to the start of the game.[8]
  • Ferdinand Marl E.: The prince, and soon to be king, of Marl Kingdom. He often sneaks out of the castle to hunt or visit the city. Cornet has dreamed of him her whole life and falls in love with him after a chance meeting in the forest.[9]
  • Etoile Rosenqueen: She is Cornet’s arrogant rival. Etoile often makes sarcastic remarks about Cornet. She is from a rich background and loves being the center of attention.[10]
  • Marjoly: Marjoly is the sexy antagonist of the game, but is hardly the typical evil mastermind bent on world domination. She lies about her age and often calls herself the most beautiful witch in the world.[11] She is not not very smart and her lackey’s often insult her to her face. She’s also makes a cameo in each game in the Disgaea series.
  • Gao: Gao is one of Marjoly’s lackeys. It is said that she has the strength to fight a dragon with her bare hands. Many people mistake her for a man, including Cornet.[12]
  • Crowdia: Crowdia is another of Marjoly’s lackeys. She is very beautiful, but very narcissistic. She has large black wings, like a crow, and fights with a sword.[13]
  • Myao: Myao is Marjoly’s third lackey. She appears to be a child. She often acts childish and selfish, and she can cast powerful magic to summon dragons.[14]

[edit] Audio

Bundled with the US game was an original soundtrack CD (Rhapsody – A Musical Adventure USA Soundtrack). All songs were composed by Tenpei Sato.[15]

[show]Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure Soundtrack tracklist
No. Title Length
1. “Someday” (vocal by Sara Thomas as Cornet and Jody Fleischer as Kururu) 3:09
2. “Let’s Go On (Contest Version)” (vocal by Sara Thomas as Coronet and Jody Fleischer as Etoile) 4:53
3. “Let’s Go On (Cherie Version)” (vocal by Jody Fleischer as Cherie) 2:40
4. “Our World” (vocal by Sara Thomas as Coronet and Josh Synard as Ferdinad) 3:00
5. “Amphibian Paradise” (vocal by Josh Synard as Michael with Rachel Quaintanes, Glenn Wissner, and Keith Arem as the Frog Dancers) 3:28
6. “Evil Queen” (vocal by Marjoly (Camie Gordon Lowrey), Myao (Sara Thomas), Gao (Rachel Quaintanes) and Crowdia (Jody Fleischer)) 2:40
7. “True Courage” (vocal by Sara Thomas as Coronet and Jody Fleischer as Kururu) 2:46
8. “Thank You” (vocal by Sara Thomas as Coronet) 6:08
9. “Mountainmen’s Song” (vocal by Josh Synard as Gilbert with Glen Wissner and Keith Arem as the Chorus) 1:54
10. “Amazing Pirates” (vocal by Josh Synard, Glen Wissner, and Keith Arem as the Pirates) 1:39
11. “Puppet Princess Theme”   2:58
12. “Little Love”   2:39
13. “Adventurer”   1:35
14. “Welcome to the Dungeon”   2:45
15. “Spirit Wind”   2:57
16. “Marjoly Family Anthem”   2:24
17. “Mothergreen”   2:00
18. “Castle Evening”   1:59
19. “Lady’s Barrette”   2:41
20. “Fear”   2:11
21. “Shooting Star”   2:05
22. “Rhapsody Afar”   2:05
23. “Dream Hunter”   2:49
24. “The Wanderer”   3:04
25. “Last Waltz”   3:58
26. “Mother’s Lullaby”   2:19
Total length:

[edit] Nintendo DS version

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure was released for the Nintendo DS on September 23, 2008.[16] The gameplay has been changed significantly, the battles changed from strategy-RPG style to 2-D turn based battles, similar to the ones found in the sequels. Kururu also engages in battle in this version of the game. Though extra scenarios from the third game in the series were advertised, translated, and given as the reason for the removal of the English song vocals, they were absent from the game. NIS America announced that they removed this content because of localization issues.[17] Reports of glitches have also surfaced such as freezing.[18]

[edit] Reception

[hide] Reception
Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 68.2%[19] (PS)
69.1%[20] (DS)
Review scores
Publication Score
Game Informer 5.5 / 10[21] (DS)
GamePro 3.5 / 5[22] (PS)
4.0 / 5[22] (DS)
GameSpot 5.9 /10[23] (PS)
6.0 / 10[24] (DS)
IGN 7.3 / 10[25] (PS)
6.6 / 10[26] (DS)

Considered to be a sleeper hit and cult classic among role-playing games, Rhapsody appeals largely to a small demographic within the larger console RPG fanbase, even considered a novelty of the genre.[3] Its lighthearted approach, distinctly female perspective, relatively brief playtime (it can be completed in approximately 10 hours normally, and in five hours if rushed, whereas most RPGs span 30+ hours) and generally challenge-soft gameplay are factors that have contributed to both its limited success among the mainstream,[27] and intense popularity within its smaller fanbase.[2]

[edit] Legacy

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure has a sequel, Little Princess: Marl Ōkoku no Ningyō Hime 2, which has been fan-translated. There is also a third game Tenshi no Present – Marl Oukoku Monogatari, also known as Angel’s Present: A Marl Kingdom Story, which has also been translated by fans on GameFAQS.

Rhapsody’s influence has extended into Nippon Ichi’s subsequent series of tactical role-playing games. One of the characters of La Pucelle: Tactics is a descendant of the characters in the game, while the shops named after Cornet’s rival, Etoile Rosenqueen, have spread even to the Netherworlds of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.[2] Antiphona no Seikahime: Tenshi no Gakufu Op.A also takes place in the same world and features Marjoly.

After the first release of the game, a cheaper edition called The Adventure of Puppet Princess + 1 was published, which featured an art gallery, sound test, and a bonus CD. The American release of the game had these features, but instead of the bonus CD was a soundtrack CD, with vocal and instrumental songs from the game. The third release (The Adventure of Puppet Princess (PSOne Books)), did not come with any extra CD. There was also a Rhapsody calendar released.[28]

A version of the game was released on mobile phones.




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Harvest moon twin villages character review

Here’s a profile of all the girls n boys available in Twin Village so far, thought I’d just make a post where it’s easier to find out about them without having to go through a dozen pages to do so ;P

If you want pictures for the characters tell me that by Commenting I will put some when I login my computer cause I’m written this post in my I will right the whole post again :p !!!
Main Characters:

Protagonist (male)

Likes nature and has a dream since childhood about opening a farm in a place close to nature. (lit: in a green place) He came (lit: was sent) to the village to realize his dream.
Without giving up, he takes up challenges no matter what the odds are, and has an extremely curious personality.

Protagonist (female)

A spirited girl who likes to take care of animals and crops. To achieve her dream of becoming a farmer (lit: farm head), she came (lit: was sent) to the village.
A caring person, she can understand the feelings of others, and has a kind personality.

Your Child




After love and marriage, you will be raising a child after he or she is born. If you are patient, you will have a daughter, who will be inquisitive about various hobbies. She won’t be calm just wandering around their room. Anyway, your child can be the malicious kind or the kind that will cuddle up to you.

(I am guessing this means you have a daughter first. The only part I wasn’t positive on was the “You will have a daughter” part, but I can’t think of anything else it could be, since it breaks down to “patience/fixed”, “girl/daughter”, “exist”.)

Bluebell Boys:


Arsh Wedding

The protagonist’s farming rival. Goes along with anybody and believes that men are responsible for protecting the weak. As such, he is especially kind to women and children.


Kamil Wedding

A quiet person, he doesn’t talk much about what he does. Has a good sense in flower design (as in the arrangement of flowers). Has a dream of winning in the Grand Flower Arrangement Exhibition at the mainland. Frankly, he also has a side that likes cats.

Bluebell Girls


Ria Wedding

A bright (as in happy) and quick-witted girl, she’s a popular person in the village. Likes making (western) tea and snacks. To bring smiles to more people’ faces with her home-made snacks and tea, she wants to set up her own shop in the city.


Raspberry Wedding

Has a lucid manner of speaking and acting, and has a discerning (of people) personality. Although this is fundamentally an advantage, it can sometimes be a disadvantage. Has a bit of a short temper. Although she moved to the village since she was little, she still has an accent from a previous village.

Konohana Boys


Kiriku Wedding

Has a straight personality and likes physical activities. Has a zeal in things he likes, but doesn’t care for anything else. Anyway, he likes horses and his love and close connection with horses started since he was a boy.


Chihiro Wedding

His dream it to become a doctor. He is a natural klutz. He cares greatly for others from other places. (Perhaps he’s interested in other cultures?)

Konohana Girls


Nana Wedding

A kind ‘elder-sister’ type with an adultlike magnanimity (aka liberal, patient, and tolerant). Helps with the farmwork at her grandparents’ farm, as well as the housework. Has a moderate outlook but is made of sterner stuff, and can be surprisingly determined.

(Dr.) Licorice

Licorice Wedding

After having attended an agricultural university and getting a doctorate at a young age, Licorice returned to her hometown after graduation. She speaks in a determined tone and can be somewhat hard to approach. Licorice is also bad at getting along with others. However, in front of (only) plants, she becomes a kind and gentle person.

Unknown Location/Mountians?


Kenja/Sage Wedding

Sage is the mysterious mountain alchemist. She is a hermit whom has been living away form human contact for a very long time. She has young looks, but is considerable old. She also runs a small store.


Michael Wedding

At-a-Glance Translation by Nurse Fin:
Michael is a guy that always appears to be kind and easygoing, though he seems to have another side to him. He hates it when people try to dig up info about himself.
[Full Discription Pending]




Seed Salesman; Quite much doesn’t really care about what you like. He’s gruff and rude. He’s in charge of the orchard and makes and studies seeds.

Shen Ro (Shenlow/Shen Lon)

Despite his looks, he’s a very grand/fatherly figure. Appears to be a blacksmith. He favors silver as he require sit in his works.


She thinks very clearly, her high sense makes her a fierce (lit. piercing) woman. She cares for the town by herself, therefore she is very conscious of her duty as chief to guard the inhabitant’s lives.


Assumed child of Ilsa.




Konohana’s doctor. She’s like a big sister to everyone. Kind and generous, though she roughly speaks to her patients. She takes over the sicks one (Mao?) and spend most day during the hospital. [Thanks Satoshi-kun for translating :D]


Cute pink girl! Lives with Sona. [Pending]


Kindly looking old woman. Mao’s grandmother?



Rose’s Husband; Bluebell Mayor. More to come.


Rudger’s Wife- Wife of the mayor, she listens to what everyone has to say and is a kind woman.


Ash’s Sister, Jessica’s daughter. She dreams of becoming Ash’s bride someday because she loves him so much (in a sibling relation way.) She is a very cute girl.


She’s a motherly figure and apparently likes to explore. She is the town’s carpenter.


Lia’s Father; Mayor’s Assistant.He likes beauty. He works for the mayor.

‘Nose Guy’ AKA Granii, is Raspberry’s father from the looks of it. Ash and Cheryl’s mother is called Jessica, I think. The’re not on the site yet, but more to come on them!



Cameo Characters

‘Ucho Brothers

Three salesman brothers. [official discription pending]

Harvest Goddess

The goddess-protector of the mountain. She gives advice.


He hosts a large cooking event.


The young nun/priestess from Island of Happiness/Sunshine Islands. She may or may not be marriageable O.o Apparently dateable, but no real confirmation on her or Dirka being marriagable.


Kindly priest from Island of Happiness/Sunshine Island.


Dirk/Dirka from Grand Bazaar.

Potential Villagers


Though they all live in different places, I now ASSUME you can woo them all no matter what village you choose do to this screen shot, which shows Female Main Char in Konohana clothes, in a cutscene with Ashe, a Bluebell boy:

I’ll, of course, add more as they are released. 😀