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Dengeki DS magazine announces new Pokemon game!

June 11, 2011

The latest issue of Dengeki DS is now available in Japan and early scans of the magazine has revealed the new Pokemon game to be……..**drum roll**………an expansion to the Pokemon Battrio arcade game. -__-;;

New Battrio tokens will be on sale soon in Japan and will feature Pokemon from the Unova region.

For anyone that is unfamiliar with the Battrio coins, they are special coins/tokens that you can collect and use to play in the Pokemon Battrio arcade machines. Unfortunately, the Battrio arcade machines are only available in Japan at the moment. Fans can purchase Battrio coins in stores, through online websites and auctions, and in some cases, receive special edition Battrio coins through Japanese magazines.

Anyone else bummed out about this? So the new Pokemon game didn’t turn out to be any of games many of us have speculated it to be, but Corocoro did mention that they will release information about a new Pokemon game in this month’s issue. Hopefully, they weren’t referring to this game as well. I think it’ll be a 3D Pokemon game for the 3DS!


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