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3D Pokedex coming to the Nintendo 3DS!

June 11, 2011

Nintendo will be releasing a Pokedex app that users can download from the eShop on their 3DS systems. The Pokedex 3D will feature over 150 Pokemon from Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, all rendered in 3D, and will allow users to look up their Pokedex information, moves and other details.

Below is a post from Nintendo World Report:

Pokédex 3D, featuring all of the new Pokémon from the recent Pokémon Black and White games, will allow users to look up information about more than 150 Pokémon and their moves, all for free. It will make use of SpotPass and Augmented Reality.

Players start with 16 Pokémon and can unlock the remaining Pokédex entries by scanning QR Codes, using SpotPass (up to three random Pokémon a day), or by trading data with friends, likely via StreetPass.

Users will be able to view each Pokémon in 3D, and rotate them a full 360 degrees. The Pokédex features filters and bookmarking capabilities as well.

The app will use the 3DS’ built-in Augmented Reality capabilities to display Pokémon in pictures taken via the 3DS Camera.

All of the Pokemon shown so far look amazing, people say that espeically the Hydreigon is amazing! I wonder if this means a 3D Pokemon game will be coming out to the Nintendo 3DS soon? Maybe we’ll know when the June’s issue of Corocoro is released in the next couple of weeks!


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