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May 19, 2011
  • Pokemon Fan Club is a wonderful place for you and me to share various information of Pokemon games, respective series of Pokemon Manga, exciting chatting on Pokemon Trading Card Game, a list of musics, movie soundtracks and videos and provide an opportunity to gather all Pokemon Fans together. For those interested to know more about the club, please feel free to explore it. We are going to feature some exciting polls on particular Pokemon matter under the [Navigator]. There are also some collections on the Pokemon wallpapers as well as [Pokedex Handy 910] that features a variety of Pokemon reviews which that make perfect recollection for anyone and refresh your memory from time to time. You may also link yourself to other sides which are related to Pokemon by accessing the [Poke-Gear]. To know more, then you will have to roll down to find out yourself! Besides that, we want to know what you think about Pokemon Fan Club. We welcome any comments and feedback from you. You may use the [Fame Checker] to communicate with each others or on your own purpose (Now, this section is opened for our members to advertise themselves, pokemon goods or other your favourites). We appreciate you sharing Pokemon pictures, musics, videos

in order to fulfill the needs of all members. On an ending note, we wish you enjoy your

                                                    visit. Remember our slogan, “Cherish Pokemon!” 

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