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Victini and the Black/White Hero: Zekrom/Reshiram 7/11 Lottery prizes

Victini and the Black/White Hero: Zekrom/Reshiram 7/11 Lottery prizes

Finally! Pictures of this year’s 7/11 lottery prizes to promote the upcoming Pokemon movies are finally here. Every year, in July, 7/11 stores across Japan hold a month long lottery where fans can purchase a lottery ticket at 500 yen each for a chance to win some really cool and unique movie theme Pokemon merchandises. This year is no different as we have rare figures, plushies and even a toaster!!!

Top prize this year is a beautiful figure of Reshiram or Zekrom. These figures are generally really big and can reach up to 15 inches tall. Past lottery figures include Darkrai, Giratina Origin Forme, Arceus and the most recent, Zoroark, from last year’s movie.

Large Pokemon plushies: The V-Generate Victini plushie is about 18 cm tall and there are only 100 to be won! The Pikachu holding a Victini Pokedoll (awww..) is awarded to the person who purchases the last lottery ticket at each 7/11 store. The large Pokeball cushion with Pikachu is one of the second place prizes that you can win.

These plushies are third place prizes that you can win. Victini looks espeically cute in this one!

Probably one of the most bizarre prizes ever..or is it genius? A toaster that toasts an image of Pikachu’s head on your bread! I need this toaster in my life! How cool would it be to wake up every morning to a warm, toasted bread with Pikachu printed on it?

There are various other smaller prizes such as cups, keychains, clearfiles and towels. I’ll update with a bigger image if I find one.

Which prize do you like the most? For me, I want all of them!!!

Thanks to Sunyshore via Pkmncollectors


Pokemon Black and White Shopping Sunday

Welcome to this week’s Shopping Sunday post! Anyone love Pokemon figures? Specifically TOMY Pokemon figures? If so, our friends over at Japanvideogames is having a blow out sale!

Not only do they have all the newest TOMY Pokemon figures from the Black and White set, they also have many rare figures from the past 4 generations. Best of all, shipping is FREE within the USA on most figures. Quantity is limited so I suggest you to check out their store for your favourites before they’re gone!

Pokemon Black and White TOMY figures

Generation 3 & Generation 4 TOMY figures

Generation 3 & Generation 4 TOMY figures

Pokemon Red & Blue TOMY figures

Shiny Hydreigon & Shiny Golurk event announced for Japan

Shiny Hydreigon & Shiny Golurk event announced for Japan
Sun, 05 Jun 2011 01:08:58 +0000
A scan has appeared on Japanese image boards advertising a new event to tie in with the films Pokémon – Victini and the Light Hero: Reshiram and Pokémon – Victini and the Dark Hero: Zekrom. The event will take place at McDonald’s restaurants across Japan from June 17th until July 7th 2011 and then via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection from July 8th until September 8th 2011.

The Pokémon you receive is dependent on your version of the game. If you have Pokémon Black Version then you will receive a Shiny Hydreigon based on Carita’s Hydreigon in Pokémon – Victini and the Dark Hero: Zekrom, if you have Pokémon White Version then you will receive a Shiny Golurk based on Janta’s Golurk in Pokémon – Victini and the Light Hero Reshiram.

This is all we know at this point, we will update you with more information such as stats and moves as they arise. Pokémon – Victini and the Light Hero: Reshiram and Pokémon – Victini and the Dark Hero: Zekrom will be released in cinemas across Japan from next month.

Dengeki DS magazine announces new Pokemon game!

The latest issue of Dengeki DS is now available in Japan and early scans of the magazine has revealed the new Pokemon game to be……..**drum roll**………an expansion to the Pokemon Battrio arcade game. -__-;;

New Battrio tokens will be on sale soon in Japan and will feature Pokemon from the Unova region.

For anyone that is unfamiliar with the Battrio coins, they are special coins/tokens that you can collect and use to play in the Pokemon Battrio arcade machines. Unfortunately, the Battrio arcade machines are only available in Japan at the moment. Fans can purchase Battrio coins in stores, through online websites and auctions, and in some cases, receive special edition Battrio coins through Japanese magazines.

Anyone else bummed out about this? So the new Pokemon game didn’t turn out to be any of games many of us have speculated it to be, but Corocoro did mention that they will release information about a new Pokemon game in this month’s issue. Hopefully, they weren’t referring to this game as well. I think it’ll be a 3D Pokemon game for the 3DS!

3D Pokedex coming to the Nintendo 3DS!

Nintendo will be releasing a Pokedex app that users can download from the eShop on their 3DS systems. The Pokedex 3D will feature over 150 Pokemon from Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, all rendered in 3D, and will allow users to look up their Pokedex information, moves and other details.

Below is a post from Nintendo World Report:

Pokédex 3D, featuring all of the new Pokémon from the recent Pokémon Black and White games, will allow users to look up information about more than 150 Pokémon and their moves, all for free. It will make use of SpotPass and Augmented Reality.

Players start with 16 Pokémon and can unlock the remaining Pokédex entries by scanning QR Codes, using SpotPass (up to three random Pokémon a day), or by trading data with friends, likely via StreetPass.

Users will be able to view each Pokémon in 3D, and rotate them a full 360 degrees. The Pokédex features filters and bookmarking capabilities as well.

The app will use the 3DS’ built-in Augmented Reality capabilities to display Pokémon in pictures taken via the 3DS Camera.

All of the Pokemon shown so far look amazing, people say that espeically the Hydreigon is amazing! I wonder if this means a 3D Pokemon game will be coming out to the Nintendo 3DS soon? Maybe we’ll know when the June’s issue of Corocoro is released in the next couple of weeks!

Pokemon Black and White June 2011 Pokedolls!

As predicted, Victini will be getting its own Pokedoll right before it makes its debut apperance in the 14th Pokemon movies that will premiere this July in Japan. Joining Victini in this set are Woobat, Scraggy and Litwick. This set is scheduled to go on sale on June 18th at Pokemon Center stores across Japan. Following them are the elemental monkey trio Pokedolls which goes on sale in July.

They are look cute but Some people seriously went ‘Dawwwww at Scraggy. How cute is that little guy?!?!

More Pokemon Black and White Movie 14 plushies and figures!

Victini and the Black/White Hero: Zekrom/Reshiram will hit theatres across Japan in less than 2 months and here are even more upcoming merchandises that will be released to promote the movies. Let’s take a look at what we have!

My Pokemon Collection plushies movie edition set! Many of these Pokemon have made appearances in past merchandise ads; some new faces include Sawk, Throh and Mandibuzz

Close-up of the upcoming My Pokemon Collection plushies movie edition set: Sigilyph, Golurk, Klang, Klingklang and Hydreigon!!!

Soap figures: Pikachu, Oshawott, Scraggy, Victini, Reshiram and Zekrom

TOMY poseable figures: Victini, Over-drive Reshiram and Over-drive Zekrom

Pokemon Chupa Surprise: Victini, Over-drive Reshiram, Over-drive Zekrom, Golurk, Braviary, Zebstrika, Beartic, Stoutland, Emolga and Scraggy

I don’t think these two plushie sets are movie 14 related… The top set are chibi keychain plushies and the bottom one appears to be plushies of Pokemon that belong to Ash, Cilan and Iris. Not sure why Cubchoo is there. Maybe this set contains spoilers? Ohhhh!